- 23 years old
- Motion Graphics
& VFX graduate
- Cinephile
- Interested in short film
production & photography

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Manami Hashimoto
Apr 20th
Anonymous: Hello,i've seen your edits and i find them really nice ^^ i also like japanese movies and a really wanna watch the movie Loved Gun,you already post about this movie and i find it really interesting,can you tell me where can i watch online or link for download? thank you very much.


I don’t really want to talk about torrents and stuff but you will find it on Piratebay. It should be easy to find if you search a little. Good-luck.

If you find it, enjoy!

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Rope : 紫護縄 びんご
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Fujifilm Klasse S
Photographer: Nobuyoshi Araki
Araki is the featured photographer in the Tokyo Camera Style feature of the May 2014 issue of Nippon Camera.
In addition to my portrait of him there’s a several page feature of some of his recent work and a great little interview about his thoughts on going blind in his right eye, support for amateur photographers, and his upcoming massive exhibition in Toyota city next month. This issue is in bookstores now.
Fact: Araki filled in the right lens of his glasses with a black marker himself.
Apr 15th | 13 notes 井川遥, Igawa Haruka wears Dolce and Gabbana, 2003 from Landscape With a Corpse

- 伊島薫, Kaoru Ijima (Izima Kaoru)
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Breast - 1935 (c) Osamu Shiihara
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富田靖子, Tomita Yasuko wears Prada, 1997 from Landscape With a Corpse
- 伊島薫, Kaoru Ijima (Izima Kaoru)