- 23 years old
- Motion Graphics
& VFX graduate
- Cinephile
- Interested in short film
production & photography

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大塚 寧々 Ōtsuka Nene wears Tuzigahana, 1999 from Landscape With a Corpse

- 伊島薫, Kaoru Ijima (Izima Kaoru)
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that’s funny though, i scanned and abused mine and it’s still fine.
The absolute irony haha. I try to not even touch the pages of my books.
Jul 29th | 5 notes ​Flicking through Landscape With a Corpse thinking “this is nicely printed and well made” when the next page literally falls out in my hands. Photo books are bound so poorly bound. I’m really pissed off…..
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Hellen van Meene
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Araki's photo-diary for Fondation Cartier  →

I never thought I’d say such words but these are terrible… Is this really Araki?

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Slow train!Taipei -> Taichung, Taiwan, July, 2014.
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